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Greetings from St. Michael's

Meditating For Success 

     You will find 'Meditating For Success' on our website under the 'Ministry' heading. The weekly Scripture verse will be posted there along with previous weeks. Memorization is really a preparation for meditation. As we meditate on Scripture, before going to sleep at night, we get the benefits and insights from the Word that God wants us to have. Our brain will work on it while we are sleeping. And in the morning, meditate before getting up. This powerful instruction from the Lord brings great spiritual results in our lives.
This week’s Scripture is from:

Hebrews 10:23  
“ Let us hold fast the confession of our hope without wavering, for he who promised is faithful.” 

Bible Translation: English Standard Version (ESV)

This Week:
Thursday 11/15         Prayer meeting                7PM
Friday 11/16              Revival Prayer & Praise   7PM
Saturday 11/17         Parish Workday 8AM- noon(ish) 

This Sunday, November 18 is the Twenty Fifth Sunday After Pentecost

   8:00 AM  Worship & Communion Service, Fr. Dan Jones Preaching
0:00 AM  Worship & Communion Service, Fr. Dan Jones Preaching
   1:30 PM  Brookdale Assisted Living ~ Worship & Holy Communion

Liturgical Calendar for Sunday Readings
click here:   Sunday  readings 

Sat 11/17     
   8:00 AM   Parish Workday
Sun 11/18
  8:00 AM    Worship and Holy Communion 
10:00 AM    Worship and Holy Communion
  1:30 PM    Brookdale - Worship and Holy Communion (Assisted Living)  
Mon 11/19   
  6:00 PM    Dwyer Hall Reserved (outside group/every Monday)
Tue 11/20   
6:00 PM     Dwyer Hall Reserved (outside group/every Tuesday)
6:00 PM     Conference Room reserved (outside group)
Thurs 11/21 Thanksgiving Day - Office Closed
7:00 PM     Prayer Meeting



In the Anglican Cycle of Prayer PRAY for Bermuda (Extra-Provincial to Canterbury)
Bermuda - (Bermuda) The Rt Revd Nicholas Dill.  In our Diocesan cycle of prayer, we pray daily for For our Bishop and for the Lord to raise up apostolic priests; Bill our bishop; Dan our retired bishop; Karen, our deacon; Dan our rector; raising up of lay evangelists; and the following in our diocese: 

14  Thanksgiving for the Holy Scriptures
15  The Rev’d Allen Peyton on his birthday
16  Thanksgiving for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit
 The Rev’d Mark Diebel on his birthday
17  The Venerable Barbara Hanstine on her birthday
18  Vocations of young Adults to Holy Orders and the Religious Life
19  The work of the Salvation Army
20  For Christ to truly reign in all our hearts
21  All Missionaries far away from home
22  Thanksgiving Day – That our thankfulness results in action
23  The Rev’d Lynne Crimi, The Rev’d Ana Maria Rivera-Georgescu, & The Rev’d Ray Rockwell  on their birthday
24  For the Great Commission and the Great Commandment as personal foundations
25  Rural Parishes

St. Michael’s ‘Praise & Prayerline’ 
Whenever you would like prayer either for yourself or someone else, send an email to us at: .  Simply state your request, and we will send it - just as you word it - to others on our Praise & Prayerline.  This will add you as a future recipient of prayer requests made by others. You are invited to join us in intercessory prayer for others.

Members of St. Michael's
Walter Unverhau               Beryl Scrafford  
Leona Tripp                       Josh Unverhau      
Annette Peer                     Doris Caulfield
Ben Unverhau                   Sarge Groncki      
Lois Hardie                        Janet Lindemann    
Kim Holland                       Mark & Mary P.   
Carol Ridolfo                     Donald Smith
Anne B.                             Marie Matsen 
John Wolcott                     Estelle Carson  
Kim                                   Susan
Mark Pasko

Friends & Family
(please contact the office about any of these people listed below so we may accurately keep their needs before the Lord with our intercessions)

Louise Franks (Susan B.)
Rachel,Dave & Pat H. (Anne B.)
Barb, Ray, Gail Harris (Diane B.) 
Dean R.
Sister Mary Angela (Sarge)
Jane Gottwald, Jake, Lexi (Malcolms)
Brandon, Louise, Susan, Carson, Brian (Pasko's)
Karen C. (Sue S.)
Jude Lasher (StM)
Janet Morales (Peg & Wes Barkley)
Mona C., Leslie E. (Trant's)
Debbie M. (Connie D.)
Elizabeth Fitzgerald (Carol R.)
Marcia Allen
Jimmy (Linda B)
Hanna B. (NM)

Linda B. (StM)
Yvette, medical procedure healing,  her family (Trudy TS)
Hailey (StM)
Jacob (StM)
Jen (Linda B.)
Bill & Mom (NM)
Joan (NM)
Brittany (StM)
Lynne, medical procedure healing (Linda B)

Jim Carullo (Pasko’s)
MaryAnne, Regina, Carol G., Kathy (DB)  
Egan, Karen, Jenny (LA)
Cheryl P.
Megan, Theresa, Jane, Paul, Bruce (Keimer's)
Lee Febus (Denise Corbett)

Kyle, Carol, Jim, Markel, Nick & Families (KD)
Liz Condon, Courtney Austin (Tim & April)
Ann C. (Susan)
Arlene J. (Connie D.)
Adam & Family (Denise C.)
Diane Kaufman Fredette (Mindy & Jim Jubert)
Virginia (Mary P)
Matt's Friend (Linda B)

Kyle (NM)
Tori (healing her pain & illness (Mark P.) 
Chris (StM)
Emily B. (StM)

John Bruschi, Patricia Matthews, John Rock (James K)
Brandon, Louise, Susan, Carson, Brian, Tom & Patrick (Pasko's)
Charlie & Family (KD)
Anne (StM)
Bob (StM)
Katie, medical procedure healing (Linda B) 


Refugees & others seeking safety (StM)        
Rolland & Heidi Baker Ministries, networks of churches & church-based orphan care in all 10 provinces in Mozambique (Sarge)
Employment for those who are searching especially Shanell & ShaMar (LB)
Sara Stein's mother: God's grace, healing ad peace - and correct diagnosis. (Trudy TS)

‚ÄčCollege Students
Carrie, Patrick, Kate, Elle, Josh, Jenette, Corynn, Caitlin, Jonathan
Relatives & Friends Serving Our Country
PFC Michael Benjamin, USMC & 2nd LT. Will Doynow, US Army
 Unverhau family friend
Maj. Mike Lasher, USAF & Maj. Amy Lasher USAF
  ~ April Austin’s Nephew & Niece
1st Lt. Andrew Bettinger, USAF
  ~ Lenore Bettinger
2nd LT. Zanette Gibson, USAF & PO 1st Class ET1. Gregory Seiler
  ~ Clearice Harris & Louise Ford's Niece & Nephew
Spc. Alex Gagnon - In Iraq
  ~ Malcolm family friend
SSgt Ortega
  ~ The Malcolm Family
Our Supported Ministries
The People of Brookdale
Our Daughters Of The King
The Sisters of St. Mary
St. Francis’ Mission
The Oaks Of Righteousness

Your demonstration of God’s love is immeasurable!

IN November WE ARE COLLECTING Peanut Butter & Jelly

1st, 3rd & 5th Saturdays of each month 
9:30 meet and help prepare & serve lunch
11:00 gather at the Prayer Table and Greet Visitors
Inquire if they would like prayer for someone or something 

There is always a need for socks, even in warmer weather. It is a joy to give a new pair of socks to someone who is without. Thank you for donating socks to this ministry. Socks may be placed in the bin in the church narthex.
Albany County Nursing Home residents love small blankets & prayer shawls. St. Peter’s NICU newborns need small, soft, warm caps. Hand-made items, knitting & crochet supplies donated to this ministry are appreciated. Thank you for leaving them in the 'Knitting Bin' in the church narthex. 
On the 1st Sunday each month at 3:45 & help with serving dinner.
Travel size toiletries are perfect for Mission Guests.

A word about Church Office Hours...Father Dan Jones is also available during times that the office is not staffed. You may reach him by email, or phone the rectory518-456-4850, and leave a message for him including your call back number.
49 Killean Park, Albany, NY 12205
St. Michael's Episcopal Church

   November 2018