Knitting Ministry

There are multiple opportunities to knit or crochet!  Also if you have, or if you run across yarn you’d like to contribute, simply place it in the knitting basket in the front lobby. It helps! 

Hats and Gloves for Prayer tables:
Many of the poor do not have hats or gloves. During the winter months, the prayer tables hand out hats and gloves to those in need. Knitters are needed to provide hats and gloves! Store bought hats and gloves are also welcome!
The greatest need is for adult men, especially gloves but all donations are welcome. 

Lapghans for Samaritan Hospital:
Samaritan Hospital Troy could use lapghans to give out to patients! Lapghan's are small afghans.Recommended size are basically 3' b 4'. These can be knitted or crocheted. There are many patterns on the Internet. Some prayer shawl patterns would be appropriate!       

Booties and Hats for Infants at St. Peter's:
This started as a one year project to support a church member's friend who had lost a childs to SIDS. Her project has ended but parishooners continue knitting. The caps and booties are given to the NICU (neonatal intensive care unit) babies. 

  July 2021  
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